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Grayson Thoronsky

I agree. Praise the Lord that Elizabeth Dole is gone from the political scene.

ZZard in NoVa

Only now you realize that she is a dingbat? Where have you been? She is an unreconstructed wing nut of the highest order. The only VP running mate choice that I can think of in recent memory (Tom Eagleton, Spiro Agnew, and poor Bill Miller cannot count) who approaches her in terms of unreliability and ghastly potential is John Edwards.

I say this fully aware that Dick Cheney is as close to Dr. Strangelove as any living American.

She is an empty dress under a head of big hair, a flat-earth flake and a publicity hound. Edwards is an empty suit floating under an expensive haircut and a total dental reconstruction. Cheney would have melted had water ever hit him.

Cue the flying monkeys!

At bottom, she is pathetic. Boiled down to his ambulance chasing, fecund essence, Edwards is a fraud. Cheney was merely . . . evil.

What invisible hand allows such trash to rise to the top?

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