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ZZard in NoVa

If you want to make some quick money on the side, respond to the Craig’s List ad mentioned in this post: http://consumerist.com/2010/05/earn-200hour-teaching-angry-man-to-use-apple-products.html. You two could have quite a dialogue, share competing conspiracy theories, etc. In addition, the following link describes a machine that is much better than the Apple product: see http://www.pomegranatephone.com/.

ZZard in NoVa

Hmmmm. We have moved from "love" to "like" in a little more than a month. By July 4, we will probably be entering the "still works for me" phase, to be followed about Labor Day with the "Now where did I put that?" phase.

So, so predictable.


ZZard in NoVa

Who cares? In six months, when they come out with the web cam version, you'll dump the piece of crap you just bought and buy that one. Your current one will be in a Chinese land-fill within 24 months. It's the American way.

Salem Lawyer Directory

So all the hype was for a worthy product. In any case Apple's marketing prowess should be studied for years to come.

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